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Home Products

tire deflator

Tire Deflator

Protect your vehicle against auto theft with a tire deflator. You guessed it! If a thief tries to drive your vehicle away, the Tire Deflator will release the air from the tire.
Only $28.99

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address light

Solar Address Light

Let its welcoming glow guide your friends and relatives to your door.
Only $49.95

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Use this switch to memorize when you turn lights on and off. Activate it before you go out to create the impression that someone is at home.
Only $29.99

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atomic clock

Atomic Clocks

Find out more about our accurate atomic clocks, cable free weather stations and thermometers.
From $39.95

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Auto Watch

Now there is a way to know how your vehicle is being driven. Autowatch is there even when you can't be.
From $275.99

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MiWatcher Video Camera

You don't have to be there to know what is happening. Once there is a telephone line, the MiWatcher can take you there.
Only $325.00

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Freeplay 2020 Flashlight

2020 Freeplay Flashlight

Now you never have to wonder whether the batteries are good.
Only $58.95

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S360 Freeplay Solar AM/FM Radio

It draws energy from available light and switches automatically to a spring only when needed.
Only $68.95

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A runaway seller, this lie detector game brings parties to life. Don't be the last to get one.
Only $32.95

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nightstar flashlight

NightStar Flashlight

Compact and ready to use in an emergency. No bulbs or batteries to replace.
Only $44.95

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Nightvision Goggles

Many serious and fun applications. Get one and you will see how much life exists after dark.
From $165.95

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Travel a lot? Need quick translations? Do you know what you are ordering at that foreign restaurant? Do you know how to pronounce that word correctly? Maybe you need a Quicktionary.
From $159.95

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terk antenna

Terk TV42 Antennas

A perfect companion for your satellite receiving system. Clipped to your satellite dish, this antenna will bring in local stations.
Only $58.99

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