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Price: ONLY $44.95


  • An extremely reliable state of the art renewable light system.

  • Never requires batteries or incandescent bulbs and recharges when shaken.

  • High field strength rare earth magnet maximizes charging efficiency.

  • Thirty seconds of shaking fully charges the capacitor providing five minutes of reading level illumination.

  • White light LED and damage resistant lens are all contained within a virtually indestructible, chemical resistant, waterproof housing.

  • Perma-Glow switch represents latest development in luminescent technology.

  • Floats in fresh water with the attachment of a small flotation lanyard.


How the NightStar works.

The energy from motion is transformed into electrical energy by means of repeatedly passing a high field strength rare earth magnet through a coil of wire. The energy is stored in a capacitor which then powers the white-light LED. The light is effectively collected by a precision acrylic lens. These lights will provide effective illumination indefinitely without requiring batteries or light bulbs, even when exposed to repeated impacts and extreme temperatures. In total darkness NightStar illuminates a 6-foot diameter area from a distance of 30 feet under severe and dark conditions, and is visible from over a mile. State of the art components are contained within a lightweight polycarbonate/ABS housing, making it lightweight, chemically resistant to many solvents and nearly indestructible. The luminescent switch glows for hours, allowing for easy location and operation. This revolutionary combination of design and materials ensures that you will NEVER be left in the dark.


  • Use around the house when you need reliable light to locate your keys, find the fuse box, or look through the closet for those important files.

  • Perfect for emergency kits in your home, car, boat or anywhere you need to have reliable light at a moments notice.

  • NightStar is almost neutrally buoyant, and will float with a small flotation lanyard. The yellow NightStar is easy to locate in low light conditions.

  • Great for outdoor activities like hiking and camping that require the ability to withstand rough handling and yet be light enough to carry comfortably. Plus, never worry about carrying spare batteries! And since NightStar works underwater, you can even use it diving.

  • It's great for a toolbox, so that you'll always have light handy for looking into those nooks and crannies.

Price: ONLY $44.95

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Features - Technical Details - Frequently Asked Questions -Home


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