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TV41 and TV42

TERK’s TV41 (TV41 - discontinued by the manufacturer) and TV42 antennas offer the simplest solution for satellite dish owners seeking to receive local, off-air VHF and UHF broadcasting without having to pay another monthly bill. Besides being cost effective, TERK’s amplified clip-on TV41 and TV42 antennas attach in minutes to any 18-inch satellite dish. The key to this is twofold.

First is TERK's patent-pending clip. This clamp-like design adjusts with the turn of the hand to any 18-inch satellite dish. Secondly, with the TV41 and TV42 there’s no need for additional wiring and what little is required for installation is included with the antenna.

The TV42 is designed for dual-LNB satellite systems so you can connect directly to two TVs and watch satellite programming on one while watching local programming on the other. The TV41 is designed for single-LNB dishes.

Both models contain an internal amplifier that minimizes signal loss so that signals can be distributed to multiple TV sets. The amplifier is powered by the satellite receiver so no additional power supply is required.

With the TV41, users with a Single-LNB dish can switch between satellite and local channels on a single TV set by pressing the antenna button on the receiver remote control.
Accessories included are: (1) indoor diplexer, (1) 28-inch coaxial cable, (2) 12-inch coaxial cables, (2) rubber insulators

With the TV42, users who have a Dual-LNB dish can watch satellite signals on one TV while enjoying local programming on another.

Accessories included are: (2) indoor diplexers, (2) 28-inch coaxial cables, (4) 12-inch coaxial cables, (4) rubber insulators.

For best reception, the TV41 and TV42 are recommended for installation on a dish located on or on top of the home.

For more details, download the PDF file for the TV41/42.


Satellite dishes in the US are usually 18" in diameter. Two sizes of dish have been used in Canada. Those from Star Choice and older dishes from Expressvu are 24". Newer dishes from Expressvu and those from Echostar are 18".

Although the TV41 and TV42 will still work on a 24" dish with a little bending, doing so may void the warranty.

Click here to determine whether the TV41/42 will work well at your location.

Terk TV41 Antenna
Terk TV42 Antenna $58.99

Available in the US only


Will the TV 41/42 antenna mount to the new Echostar "DISH 500" dish?
Only the TV42 will mount to the Dish 500 dish.

Will the TV41 and TV 42 work with a DISH Network system?
Yes, the antennas will work on the DishNetwork's standard system. However, you will need to purchase extra 32-inch lengths of RG6 coax cable. The cable supplied with the antennas is long enough for a DSS dish but not long enough for a DISH Network. installation.

Will the TV41 and TV42 work with my Primestar system?
No, the antennas are made for 18-inch round dishes, and the Primestar dish is bigger and oval shaped.

I was sold a TV41 and have a dual LNB system. Will it work properly? No. The TV 41 is made for a single LNB system. and does not have connections to accommodate a dual LNB installation. The TV 42 is made for a dual LNB system, and will also work with a single LNB system.

What is the reception range of these antennas?
The TV41 and TV42 have about a 25 to 30 mile reception range.

Are the hookup instructions wrong for my antenna? They say one of the connections should be made "out" from the satellite receiver, but I think it should be "in" to the receiver.
Yes, the connection you refer to should be made "in" from the antenna to the satellite receiver. The instructions are being corrected.

Do I need to clamp my antenna to the dish? The instructions only say I should open the clamps but make no mention of tightening them.
Yes the TV41 and TV42 antennas need to be secured to the dish by tightening the supplied clips. The instructions are being corrected.

How is power supplied to the built-in amplifier? Do I need any additional hardware?
The power needed for the TV41 and TV42's built-in amplifiers is supplied by the DSS system receiver and comes through the coax cable connected to the receiver unit. No additional hardware is required.

Do the TV41 and TV42 also also pass FM signals?
No, these antennas provide UHF and VHF TV reception only.

Will the TV42 work with a single LNB dish? I might buy a dual LNB system later.
Yes. Just use Input 1 and Output 1 to connect to your single LNB system, and leave Input 2 and Output 2 disconnected. Input 2 and Output 2 can then be used at a later date to connect to a dual LNB system.

I have the antenna hooked up properly but I am not getting the higher VHF channels.
Check to make sure that your TV is set to the "Antenna" input option in the set up menu and the not the "CATV" option. Most newer TVs have an option in the on-screen menu that lets you switch between the two. Also if you are very close to the broadcast towers for your local VHF channels, the antenna may be over-amplifying the signal. If this is the case, your TV will be unable to tune in to the signal.

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