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This line of hi-tech Beeping Wallets can protect you against the loss of credit and debit cards or other types of "plastic" money. The wallet beeps whenever a card is removed and continues to beep every 20 seconds to remind you to replace it. The beeping mechanism shuts off after 5 minutes. It can also protect your library cards, driver's license and other membership cards. It operates by using a small microchip and a standard replaceable watch battery with a 3 year warranty.

The electronic wallet comes in styles for both men and women. For international travellers, a passport style with the beeping security system is offered to protect the passport from being lost or stolen. These wallets look just like any other designer wallets and feature the finest leather selections with the electronic technology of the future.

"The Beeping Wallet is intended to help people who forget their credit cards at store counters," said the Los Angeles Times. However, The Beeping Wallet is so much more than that. The Wallet is the only product of its kind, designed to notify you when something is missing from your wallet, such as your driver's license, or a credit card, or even one of your $50 dollar bills. Designed with superior craftsmanship and superior material, these Wallets offer everything you could ever need...and then some.

The visually impaired find beeping wallets extremely useful since it allows them to keep track of their money, ID and other valuables.

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