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Air powered cars
If the price you pay for gasoline worries you, then you may be interested in the coming e.Volution. If Zero Pollution Motors has it way, you could soon be driving a car powered by compressed air. With a range of 200 km and a top speed of approximately 100km/h, the e.Volution made its debut at the Auto Africa Expo 2000 in South Africa last October... more
Is this the shape of travel to come
How often have you given up on an idea after toying with it for just a few days? Well, Dr. Paul Moller, of Moller International has shown that he does not belong in that category. From his early childhood in rural British Columbia, Canada to his current work at Moller International, he has shown an tremendous capacity to persevere where others might have lost faith. His company, Moller International Inc. of Davis, California is betting that consumers are ready to embrace a radical new way of travelling by foregoing traditional commercial flights for the convenience of the Moller M400 Skycar...more
Non-stick windshields
A show of hands from those who hate de-icing windshields the hard way on a cold winter morning. Well, doing this could become a thing of the past with the introduction of a new type of glass to which ice will not stick..more
Internal examination using tiny swallowed camera
Currently, the easiest way to obtain a picture of someone's stomach or small intestine is to insert an endoscope attached to fibre optic cables through the person's mouth and extend it down to the area of interest. However, a much simpler procedure is undergoing clinical trials
New cars may eventually use 42V system
For many people, their cars are almost as important as their homes. They spend an increasing amount of time on the road and expect their vehicles to be equipped with as many gadgets and extra features as space would allow. However, these items can place a severe burden on the electrical system and manufacturers have been forced to explore better ways of meeting a car's future electrical requirements. This has led to proposals for a higher voltage to replace the current 12V system...more
Choosing a surge suppressor
Most people protect their computer with a surge suppressor. So, how should someone go about choosing one? Should you just buy the most expensive one in the store? Should you assume that the $30 unit is better than the $20 one? Ultimately, there is a limit to what each of us is willing to spend on protection. By carefully examining the specifications on the package, we can put ourselves in a better position to make a wise choice...more
Privacy equals Zero Knowledge
Many people still use the web under the impression as they meander, no trace of their travels remains. Unfortunately, unless special precautions are taken, it is quite possible that their every move is being tracked. As a message moves from one computer to another on the web, its origin, destination and contents can be read with tools widely available online. Who you are, the sites you visit, the pages you read and the ads you view are considered by some to be a veritable gold mine of information to be mined and sold for a profit...more
New device aids in the fight against diabetes
Diabetes is very prevalent in many families and most people know of a relative or close friend with it. Unchecked it can lead to a variety of complications including damage to the eyes, kidneys, nerves or heart. A new device, the GlucoWatch® Biographer promises to be another powerful tool in the fight against this disease...more
New personal location system to debut this summer
A frequent concern of those with kids and elderly relatives who suffer from memory loss is that someday they could wander away and put themselves in danger. Fortunately, recent advances in technology are making new and better forms of monitoring accessible to the general public...more
The Reading Pen
In the ideal world, everyone should be able to read by an early age. Unfortunately, even where all the requisite conditions for that to happen appear to exist, we sometimes find that a significant percentage of the population is deficient in this regard. High school graduation is no longer a guarantee of literacy. This is where the Reading Pen can help...more
The MiWatcher Camera - for remote monitoring
When someone purchases a personal computer, a webcam is sometimes purchased as part of the package. These devices are now very affordable and can be an excellent way to monitor a remote location online. The downside is that a computer is required at both the camera and the viewing end for the system to work. In many situations, it is inconvenient or impractical to install a computer at the camera site and even when that is possible, the system will fail if that computer freezes up. Under these circumstances, a MiWatcher camera is an excellent choice...more
Luggage Locator
If you have ever been stuck at an airport sorting through tons of luggage just to find yours, you may have wondered if there was a better way. In fact, there just might be. With an inexpensive luggage locator, finding your bags after a long trip is a snap...more
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