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Siemens Solar Panels | Uni-Solar Panels

Solar Chargers

Below we feature an assortment of lower wattage solar charging systems and windup products. For an even wider range of Solar Panels plus RV and Marine power kits from 5 to 150 watts, visit the Siemens Solar collection. It features the following panels: The ST5, ST10, ST20, ST40, SM46, SM50, SM50/H, SM55, SP70, SP75, SM100, SM110, SP130, SP140 and SP150. We also have framed, flexible and foldable panels by Uni-Solar.

Battery Saver Plus

Battery Saver Plus

Solar Powered 12v Car battery maintainer
Only $27.99

More Info


Cycle Saver Solar Trickle Charger

Cycle Saver Solar Trickle Battery Charger

Solar Powered weatherproof motorcycle, all terrain and similar recreational vehicle battery maintainer
Only $29.99

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iSun BattPak with accessories

iSun BattPak™

AC or DC quick charger or power source for up to 10 AA or AAA rechargeable batteries. It can use SOLAR if connected to the iSun® solar charger below. The iSun BattPak™ is a replacement for the Battery Saver PowerPak
Only $32.99

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iSun Solar Charger

iSun® Solar Charger

The iSun® can run electronic items requiring less than 2 watts and more than one iSun® can be connected together for more power. It can also provide power to the BattPak™ above. It can provide 6V or 12V.
Only $78.50

More Info

Battery Saver Pro5W

Battery Saver Pro5W

Solar Powered 12v Deep-Cycle Battery Trickle Charger
Only $68.99

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Battery Saver Pro 15W

Battery Saver Pro15W

Solar Powered12v Deep-Cycle Battery Charger
Only $145.99

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Battery Saver Pro Kit 15W

Battery Saver Pro-Kit 15W

15W trickle charger includes a 7 amp regulator.
Only $155.99

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Battery Saver Pro Kit 30W

Battery Saver Pro-Kit 30W

Two 15W trickle chargers includes a 7 amp regulator.
Only $275.99

More Info

Battery Saver Pro Kit 45W

Battery Saver Pro-Kit 45W

Three 15W trickle charger includes a 7 amp regulator.
Only $399.99

More Info

portable power generator

Portable Power Generator

When equipped with a battery, this portable power generator can provide DC or AC power to run lights, small appliances, laptop computers and small power tools. It can be recharged from either a solar module or an optional AC battery charger.
From $419.99

More Info

7 amp charger

7 amp Charge Controller

For use with Pro 15W or greater capacity panels.
Only $28.99 More Info

21 amp Charge Controller
Charger with digital circuitry for systems up to 315 watts.
Only $78.99 More Info

address light

Solar Address Light

Let its welcoming glow guide your friends and relatives to your door.
Only $49.95

More info

Solaris Lantern

Solar Lanterns

No fuel. No hassle. No replacement mantles. No replacement batteries. No environmental risk. Solar Lanterns may be just what you need on your next boating, camping or hunting trip.
Lanterns from $64.95

More info

Freeplay Products
Freeplay 2020 Flashlight

Freeplay 2020 Flashlight

You no longer have to wonder whether the batteries are good. This flashlight will provide light from either a charged spring or the built-in rechargeable battery.
Only $58.95

More Info

Freeplay S360 Radio

Freeplay S360 AM/FM/Solar Radio

It draws energy from available light using it solar panel and transfers automatically to a charged spring only when needed.
Only $68.95

More Info

Siemens Solar Panels | Uni-Solar Panels

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