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Tire Deflator

Protect your vehicle against auto theft with a tire deflator. You guessed it! If a thief attempts to drive your vehicle away, the Tire Deflator will release the air from the tire.
Only $28.99

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Cash Tester

Cash Tester

The Cash Tester is simply the most accurate and secure device available to detect counterfeit notes. It uses microprocessor technology to conduct a wide range of optical, electromagnetic, UV, IR and other tests that will detect even the best quality counterfeit bills.
Only $275.00

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Invisible Clock® Electronic Timer

This incredibly versatile timer with silent vibration or beeping alarm is a must for meeting organizers, public speakers, therapists, people on medication or anyone who needs an easy to use flexible and reliable timing device.
Only $39.95

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Auto Watch

Now there is a way to know how your vehicle is being driven. Autowatch is there even when you can't be.
From $275.99

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jotto desk

Jotto Desk

So, how do people who are always on the road keep an organized mobile office? They use a Jotto Desk.
From $135.95

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MiWatcher Video Camera

You don't have to be there to know what is happening. Once there is a telephone line, the MiWatcher can take you there. Take a look too at the WebWatcher.
Only $325.00

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atomic clock

Atomic Clocks

Find out more about our range of accurate atomic clocks, cable free weather stations and thermometers.
From $16.95

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space pen


Space Pens

Used by astronauts for their reliabilty under extreme conditions, space pens are superbly crafted and a great gift for anyone.
From $9.99

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Software Screen

PC and Pocket PC Based OBD2 Scan Tools

Automotive OBD2 Generic, GM, Ford, Chrysler and Toyota Personal and Professional Scan Tools including the Wireless Vehicle Interface, Data Logger and Exhaust Gas Analyzer.
From $109.95
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