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Wall Clocks


Do you know exactly what time it is? Well, the most accurate clock in the U.S. is an atomic (cesium) clock located at the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado. Atomic clocks keep time using natural characteristic frequencies of atoms such as cesium, hydrogen and rubidium and are extremely stable because the effect of factors such as temperature, pressure and humidity on these frequencies is negligible.

The extremely accurate time measured at this facility is used by scientists, radio and television stations, telephone companies, space program personnel, air traffic control systems and others whenever a precise knowledge of the time is essential. WWVB, a short wave station operated by the Institute near Fort Collins, Colorado transmits a continuous time-coded signal at 60kHz. This signal can be picked up throughout the United States, Southern Canada and quite often much farther afield. The signal is normally transmitted with an accuracy better than 1 part in 100 billion and when received, is generally accurate to within 100 microseconds.

Several manufacturers produce state of the art atomic clocks that tune in to the radio time signal from WWVB and attempt to synchronize with it. If because of poor signal reception the signal is not detected, the radios generally try again every hour on the hour for about 6 hours. Manual synchronization can also usually be attempted at any time. The time read is automatically adjusted for daylight savings time, leap year and even leap second. These clocks perform best when not used in massive metal and concrete structures unless they are near a window.

Below is a range of atomic clocks and weather related devices from Oregon Scientific. These devices can provide you with the exact time and the Cable Free monitoring of indoor and outdoor conditions. Use them as well to monitor the temperature in your swimming pool, basement freezer, wine cellar or the greenhouse.

ExactSet™ Projection Clocks
RM318PA ExactSet Projection Clock
RM313PA Projection Clock RM318PA ExactSet Projection Clock RM328PA Projection Clock
Invisible Clock Electronic Timer BAR338PA ExactSet Projection Clock  
INVISIBLE CLOCK® Electronic Timer BAR338PA ExactSet Projection Clock with Cable Free Weather Forecaster
ExactSet™ Alarm Clocks
RM116E Alarm Clock RM981A Alarm Clock RM982A Alarm Clock with date
RM983A Alarm Clock with thermometer RRM112A Alarm Clock with radio RM826 Travel Alarm Clock
RM832 Travel Alarm Clock RM806 Alarm Clock with date JMR838WFA Desk/Wall Jumbo Clock/Weather Forecaster

For weather related products like the BAR888, EMR812A, WMR968, RMR112 and EMR963HG, please see the weather category

Wall Clocks



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