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How much will shipping cost?

Shipping companies set prices based on the weight and destination of the items. We do not use shipping as a profit center. Our prices reflect the actual cost of shipping. When you select the products you wish to purchase and fill out the form at checkout, the weight and shipping destination are immediately sent to UPS which then sends back the shipping charge. Shipping to Canadian destinations is calculated internally based also on the weight and destination of the items.

I am hesitant to use my credit card to make an online purchase. How safe is it to use my credit card in your store?

Very Safe. When you purchase from us and personal information is requested, you are first transferred to our secure server and the information you provide is encrypted (scrambled) as it travels over the internet. This information is sent, still encrypted, to your bank which approves or declines the transaction.

We DO NOT store your credit card information on our servers nor is it kept on any computer connected to the internet. So even if someone could gain access to the store, your credit card information is safe because it is not there. Stores from which credit card numbers have been stolen keep this information unencrypted on their servers.



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