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Invisible Clock® Electronic Timer

The Invisible Clock® electronic timer is a versatile timing device with a silent vibration or beeping alarm. Easy to operate, people use it to bring order to their personal lives, meetings, sports activities or anywhere where meeting strict time schedules is important.

Price: $US39.95


  • The countdown timer can be set to provide single or repeated alerts by vibrating or beeping at whatever interval you choose and for as long as you like.
  • Use the meeting timer to alert you (vibrate or beep) at the halfway point of a meeting, five minutes before the end and at the end of up to a two hour period.
  • Set up to 12 different alarms to operate at various times during the day. Alarms work even if countdown or meeting timer function is also being used.
  • Use as a stopwatch for exercise, sporting events or work projects.
  • A simple toggle switch allows you to select between vibration, off or beeps.
  • The vibration intensity, beep volume and number of beeps are adjustable
  • Comes with a quick-release garment clip for use on a belt.
  • Has an illuminated display.
  • An auto button lock prevents disruption to the timer or alarm functions due to accidental button pressing.
  • Uses one AAA battery ( not included) - long lasting and cheap.
  • Size is 1/2" x 1-1/2" x 2-1/8"

How you know you need the Invisible Clock Electronic Tmer

  • Your smoke alarm is sometimes your first reminder that dinner is ready. Attach the invisible clock to your belt to alert you to check the meal on the stove at the desired time.
  • You or a loved one sometimes forget to take medication at the proper time.
  • Your alarm clock needs to go off at 6 am but the person next to you doesn't need to wake up until 8 am. Place the Invisible Clock in the pillow case but below the pillow and set it to vibrate on alarm. The vibration will be transmitted through the pillow and should not wake up your partner,
  • You are a debater or public speaker but often fail to complete your arguments in the alloted time.
  • You are a therapist and want to better focus on your client without having to keep an eye on the clock or go overtime.
  • You organize or attend meetings that often go over schedule.
  • You need to do various activities at specific times of the day.
  • You run sports activities involving batting practice where you need to ensure that every player gets equal time and the practice session finishes on time.


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