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Pens - History - Technology - Engraving


astronaut program
Prior to flying on any operational space misssion, all instruments must pass through a rigorous testing program. The Fisher Space Pen was tested for two years before being accepted by NASA. It was ideal for this application partly because of its ability to write in the gravity-free vacuum of space at any angle.

It has been used on the NASA's Apollo and Space Shuttle missions, the Russian Soyuz and MIR space flights and the ARIANE French space program.

scuba divers
Recreational and professional scuba divers appreciate the unique characterists of the Fisher Space Pen. Of benefit to them is the fact that it will write under water and on wet surfaces, is not affected by cold damp conditions and can write on most smooth surfaces. These pens are used by the Jacques Cousteau Society.

mountain climbers
Mountain climbers benefit from the Space Pen's rugged reliabilty and the capacity to keep writing at any angle, any temperature and in any weather conditions encountered during a climb. It was used in the Everest North Face Ski Expedition in 1997. Mountain climbers like the fact that it writes under water, is not affected by cold damp conditions and can write on most smooth surfaces.

outdoor enthusiasts
The Space Pen is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts whether they be canoers, hikers, campers, golfers, fishermen or snowmobilers because of its ability to keep writing in the rain, on coated paper, plastic and in all weather conditions.

The military accepts no less than the highest design specifications when specifying equipment for use in the field. Equipment must be reliable under extreme conditions. Space Pens are used by the US Navy Seals, US Armed Forces, US Thunderbird Pilots and the Canadian Snowbirds 431AD Squadron.

law enforcement
Equipment used by Law Enforcement Authorities must be able to function under all operating conditions and in extreme weather. Only the highest quality equipment is selected due the demanding requirements of the job. Space Pens are used by the FBI, State Troopers, Provincial Police Forces, Parking Authorities, Conservation Officers and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

US and Canadian Coast Guards
The equipment used by search and rescue missions must remain operational under extreme conditions. Paramedics, Helicopter Tactical Retrieval Units and Emergency Room trauma staff are some of the users. Features liked by these personnel include the ability to:

  • Write through and under water in extreme conditions
  • Not be affected by dirt, grease or cold weather and can write at any angle
  • Record vital signs on latex gloves without tearing the gloves

As part of their daily routine, firefighters are exposed to dramatic shifts in temperature and environmental conditions. With an operating range from -50 to 250 degrees F at any angle and through water, Space Pens are the ideal choice for this application.

The Space Pen is a natural choice for Carpenters, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technicians, Auto Mechanics and others. The pens can write on wet lumber and sheet metal duct work and since they can write on greasy surfaces, they are great for recording information when working under a vehicle.

artists and designers
What better writing instrument to use for designing than one that has won awards for design. The Fisher Space Pen is an example of modern art and engineering. It is displayed at the New York Museum of Art and the Smithsonian.




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