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Professional Home Weather Station [WM918]

WMR918 Professional Weather Station
Sensors included in price




The WM918 Professional Home Weather monitoring station from Oregon Scientific comes completely equipped with all the necessary wiring and accessories including a convenient self-emptying rain gauge, outdoor temperature/humidity sensor and even an anemometer for monitoring wind speed and direction. Simple wiring makes this weather station easy to set up. The desktop control panel displays all remote readings and an optional PC link and software can be added to monitor environmental data from your personal computer. It predicts the weather for the next 12-24 hours with easy to understand graphical icons. It also includes a digital clock with a calendar and daily alarm.

Actual size: 8.5"x5.75"x5.5"

  The three sensors below are included with the Weather Station
Thermo-Hygrometer The Thermo-Hygrometer
The Thermo-Hygrometer measures outdoor temperature and relative humidity. Updating of information to the display unit occurs every 10-seconds.

Anemometer The Anemometer
The anemometer measures wind speed and direction. The anemometer wind speed operating range is up to 125 miles per hour and has a accuracy resolution of +/- (plus or minus) 0.4mph. In steady wind conditions the anemometer transmits new readings to the display unit once every minute; in gusty conditions, gust updating occurs every 14-seconds. Wind direction operating range is 0oF to 359oF. Data transmission to the display unit occurs every 5-seconds. The anemometer is powered by a solar cell with battery backup.
Rain Gauge The Rain Gauge
The Rain Gauge measures rainfall in millimeter increments reflecting current rainfall or accumulation of data from previous last reset. The Rain Gauge features a self-emptying rain collection unit. Daily rainfall sampling rate is every 24-hours.
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