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Cable Free™ Modular Weather Station [BHT668A]

BHT668A Cable Free Modular Weather Station

The stylish new Cable Free™ Modular Weather Station Model BHT668A from Oregon Scientific is an exciting new departure from the notion of consumer-grade weather and environmental monitoring instruments. It is "new age" with its stylized profile and equally advanced in its technology and operating concept. It is a completely modular system, with four separate, compact monitoring instruments coupled together in an array that only requires a desktop footprint of 9" x 2". The Cable Free™ Modular Weather Station includes these indoor display units with a stylish matching remote sensor:
Desktop Footprint: 9.0" x 2.0"

Price: $229.95Add Weather Station to shopping cart
Included Sensor Rain Gauge
Module Descriptions
Barometer with Weather Forecaster   The Barometer with Weather Forecaster
An automatic weather forecast, barometric pressure is displayed in absolute numeric values as well as on a dynamic 6-column by 12-row bar chart that shows the previous 24-hour pressure history. There is a user-set altitude adjustment for pressure compensation. Graphical icons display the local forecast for the next 12 to 24 hours -- sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rain and snow.

Actual size:
ExactSet Clock with alarm   ExactSet™ Clock with Alarm
This remarkable timepiece incorporates a built-in radio receiver and internal antenna to monitor the electronic time signals transmitted by the U.S. Atomic Clock, one of the most accurate timekeeping instruments in the world. Time, day and date are automatically synchronized six times daily. The clock also resets itself automatically for daylight saving time. Includes an alarm mode with crescendo tone.

Actual size: 2.25x1.25x6.5
Rain Gauge Module Rain Gauge The Rain Gauge
The Rain Gauge measures rainfall in millimeter increments reflecting current rainfall or accumulation of up to nine (9) days’ history. The Rain Gauge features a self-emptying collection unit. The rainfall measurement range is 0" to 39.97" per hour with a cumulative operating range of 0" to 393.7". The rainfall accuracy resolution is 1 mm (0.04"). Data to the display unit is updated every 47-seconds. The Rain Gauge is powered by a solar cell with battery backup
Thermo-hygrometer indoor display module The Thermo-Hygrometer
Monitor the temperature and humidity in various indoor and outdoor locations, up to 3 remote locations. These might include backyard, garden or greenhouse, swimming pool or spa, baby's room, garage, basement, wine cellar, sauna, and many others. Included memory for instant recall of high and low readings and a "channel" feature to rotate through the remote readings. The indoor display also features comfort-zone monitoring with comfort/wet/dry indicators.

Actual size: 2.25x1.25x6.5

Optional THGR268 - Remote Thermo-Hygrometer Sensor. It collects both temperature and humidity readings and features an on-board LCD screen.

Price: $34.95 Add THGR268 sensor to shopping cart

Optional THC268 - Remote Temperature Sensor with Waterproof Probe. It has an attached waterproof probe on a 10" cable and is ideal for monitoring hot tubs, swimming pools and freezers.

Price: $34.95 Add THC268 sensor to shopping cart

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