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Personal and Professional PC-Based OBD2 Scan Tools

Software Screen

Hand Held Quick Code
Wireless Vehicle Interface Exhaust Gas analyzer Data Logger
EASE PC Based Scan Tools allow users to view live vehicle data on a PC in grid, graph or meter format.  The large viewing screen and speed of the personal computer allow the user to view up to 68 live parameters at the same time and produce graphs with scope-like resolution. The revolutionary graphing capability allows the technician to see the interaction between many different parameters at a glance. The EASE Scan tool provides the user with the most comprehensive and functional look at live data.

The Scan Tool Package come with everything you need to use your PC to scan with ease.
No other diagnostic equipment is required. It includes the EASE OBD1/2 Scan Tool Unit, 25 feet Serial Interface Cable, Surge Suppressor and Installation CD.

Features include: vehicle selection database,  real-time data grid, real-time graphing with up to 6 graphing windows, meters, bar Graphs, unlimited recording and playback, snapshots, professional reports, on-line information libraries and more...

motor magazine award

See why Motor Magazine says "The EASE scanner is, in our opinion, simply the best tool of its kind in the world."


This product is designed to work with all USA OBD II compliant vehicles that  supports the following OBD II communication interfaces: ISO 9141-2,   SAE(J1850)-VPW 10.4KB,  PWM 41.6KB (Compliant with J1978) and KWP 2000 (ISO-14320)

  • 1996 or newer OBD II Compliant Vehicles (Includes all North American, Asian and European Vehicles)
  • Some 1994 and 1995 vehicles are OBD II Compliant

Exceptions: CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) vehicles and vehicles that are designated as Flex Fuel that are 1996 and newer may not be OBD II Compliant. Be sure to check the Vehicle Emissions Control Information Label.

You can learn more about OBD II in general, here. For more information on the Personal and Professional Scan Tools, you can also download a User Manual in PDF format.


  • User friendly software
  • Easy navigation
  • On-line help
  • Vehicle selection database
  • View data parameters in grid, graph or meter format
  • 6 graphing windows w/ graphing auto scale, zoom and pan features
  • Meter configurations w/ Min/Max determination
  • Unlimited Record/Playback capability (limited by HDD)
  • Snapshots (time-stamped and color coded) and Markers
  • Import recordings from other users
  • Export recordings as text files (ASCII  for use in spreadsheets) or EASE Scan Tool recordings
  • Add notes to each recording and vehicle
  • Print Screens
  • Advanced database filtering to help you quickly find a previous vehicle or recording
  • Easy upgrading at any time
  • EASE Data Logger Support
  • Professional printed reports
  • Acronym and Parameter Libraries
  • Multiple user feature allows software customization per user
  • Password protection available per user
  • Pre-defined parameter sets
  • Read and Clear Generic & Manufacturer Specific DTCs
  • Read and Clear Freeze Frame Data
  • Read and Clear Inspection and Maintenance Readiness Monitors
  • View Oxygen Sensor Locations and Test Results
  • DTC Library of over 3000 DTCs
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