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id (n) the instinctive forces of a personality as defined by Freud: our animal instinct. (id verses ego where id is who we naturally are, while ego is who we try to be)


idQuest: A new game of lies and laughter. Imagine showing up at a party with some sophisticated polygragh equipment. Then imagine what it would be like to strap it on some unsuspecting soul.

Now let's imagine putting that person through a series of all sorts of embarrassing questions. Can't you just see all the other guests laughing every time the machine registers a lie? Imagine the fun, imagine the spectacle...Imagine no more!

Call it the perfect ice breaker, a novelty, a gizmo from hell, call it idQuest the lie detector game.

idQuest is a socially interactive adult party game that consists of a hand held lie detector and 216 socially provocative questions. The lie detector was developed and patented by a police pol ygraph examiner and an electronics engineer. The questions are designed to contrast the id and the ego. The questions are about things that most people have done or thought about, but don't want to admit.

Watch as lights on a real lie detector show a
friend's responses to questions!

Players are divided up into two teams. After determining who will be questioned first, the question cards are then randomly selected and read to all players.

The other team must then discuss which question will generate the highest emotional response from the player being questioned. Once this has been decided, with the lie detector engaged, the two questions are asked. The hand held lie detector will then display the size of the emotional response to each question using an illuminated bar graph. If the opposing team guessed correctly the device sounds an incriminating alarm and they are awarded a point.

The basic premise is so simple it's brilliant. Besides being totally original, there's no dice to lose, no board to spill drinks on and it comes in a box small enough to actually fit on a shelf."
Mark Tayti - The Tribune

You'll laugh at each other! You'll laugh at yourself! You'll find out how much you don't know about friends, and how much we all have in common.

Only $32.95



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