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So your teenager wants to drive or is already driving...

Until now, all you could do was wonder how your child was driving and hope everything was fine. Here is an unprecedented opportunity to monitor your child’s driving habits, encourage good driving and correct your child’s bad driving habits before it’s too late.

Think about it....... when you were a teenager would you drive the car the same way if you knew you were being monitored? Monitoring your teenager may significantly reduce wear and tear on your vehicle and may reduce the chance of your child being in an accident.

Cars don’t cost what they use to and no amount of money can prevent an accident that has already happened. AutoWatch is an inexpensive form of insurance to protect your child and you against many losses: loss of life, serious injury, property damage, lost time from work, hospitalization costs, vehicle repair costs. All of the unfortunate possibilities of an automobile accident.

AutoWatch is an unprecedented opportunity for parents to monitor their children's driving habits, encourage good driving and correct the child's bad driving habits EVEN WHEN THE PARENT IS NOT IN THE VEHICLE!  Now parents can be "back seat drivers" from their home or office.

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You should know...

Last year alone car crashes killed over 6300 teen-agers, more than AIDS, drugs, homicide or suicide. (Readers Digest, June 1998, "Thrilled to Death")

"Obtaining a driver’s license is one of the most triumphant events in a teenager’s life. It’s also a day most parents should dread, because teenagers are the most unsafe drivers on the road, a threat to themselves and others. Sixteen and 17-year-olds represent only about 2 percent of all drivers, but they are involved in nearly 11 percent of crashes. Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for teens....." (Warren Cohen, U.S. News Online)

Male drivers ages 15 to 20 years old in 1994 were involved in 40% of fatal crashes while speeding. (NHTSA)

The chances for death or serious injury double every 10mph over 50mph that a vehicle travels. (NHTSA)

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So if you have ever wondered...
  • Was your child speeding when they had your car last night?
  • Were they driving too fast, racing, or overrevving the engine?
  • Did they go directly home after school or take an indirect route?
  • Did they really drive to their friend’s house and stay there all evening?
  • Did they take the car when they were not supposed to? Perhaps when you were at work or out of town.

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, AutoWatch is for you.

Now you can know the answers and have peace of mind.


Safety first
Here is good opportunity to monitor your child's driving habits, encourage good driving and correct bad driving habits. Make your child a safe and responsible driver.   AutoWatch...It’s there when you’re not.  Now you can be a back seat driver from the comfort of your home or office.

AutoWatch will eliminate unauthorized vehicle use
With AutoWatch you will know if your child was driving the vehicle when they were not supposed to be. The software contains a search engine that will let you search for specific times a vehicle was being driven so that you can quickly determine if the vehicle was being driven during a specific time range.

View how someone was driving before their accident
In the unfortunate case that your child was in an accident, you will know if they were speeding when the accident occurred.   AutoWatch stores the last 25 seconds of vehicle speed.

Lower maintenance costs
Remember how you drove when you had the family car out for a night with your friends?  When your child is being monitored, he/she will drive more responsibly.  Since someone being monitored will drive less aggressively, there will be less "wear and tear" on your vehicle which will lead to lower maintenance costs.

Tamper resistant
If AutoWatch is disconnected from the vehicle, it knows and so will you.  When it is disconnected, it records the date and time it was disconnected and reconnected. Disconnecting the unit does not erase the information stored in the unit. The information remains stored until it is cleared with the AutoWatch software, which is password protected.

Features - Models - Parents - Business - Software - How It Works - Package Includes
Vehicle Requirements - Pricing - Home



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